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If you are unemployed and staying in a village, there is good opportunity waiting for you. There is no need to put large amount of money from your pocket. There is no need to work for someone else. Be your own boss. Take the benefit of the government schemes and get help from us for setting up your business of renewable energy.

Who is green earth consultant?

Green Earth Consultant are experts in the field of implementing renewable energy projects in India and abroad. We have experience of procuring right machines for production of bio fuel and expertise in mixing right combination for maximum calorific value.

We offer consultancy for starting your bio fuel business by suggesting you the best machines and right capacity to use as per your requirement and budget. We design the layout for your factory, oversee the installation of the machines, conduct trial runs for optimum output, and inform you of all the processes of the bio fuel business, the licenses to obtain, finance schemes and about the subsidy schemes of government to take benefit from.



How can Green Earth Consultant help the unemployed youth?


We can help you establish your own outlet for sale of stoves and its service center. You can also sell the coal for that stove. Our coal is much cheaper than the ordinary coal you get in the market.



Who will invest the money?


For every business, one has to put a lot of money. But under a very good government scheme, you can get sufficient amount of money to start your business, and we will help you establish your business with that money and independently stand on your feet with our backing. Such opportunities come once in a lifetime. We will be helping a few number of people only specially in backward areas.



What is the funding scheme of the government?


The Government of India has merged Rural Employment Generation Programme ( REGP) with Prime Minister Rozgar Yojana (PMRY) and introduced a new scheme called Prime Minister Employment Generation Programme (PMEGP) w.e.f.01.04.2008 (As such PMRY scheme is closed).


This scheme was started to  generate employment opportunities in the rural as well as urban areas of the country through setting up of new self-employment ventures / projects / micro enterprises, and also to bring together widely dispersed traditional artisans /rural and urban unemployed youth and give them self-employment opportunities to the extent possible, at their place.


The scheme focuses on setting up of eligible viable activities under Prime Minister Employment Generation Programme (PMEGP) scheme. We have a viable scheme ready for you that can be started easily through the term loan and cash credit facility offered under the Prime Minister Employment Generation Programme (PMEGP).


 What are the qualifications required to be eligible for this scheme?

Any individual, above 18 years of age and have passed 8th standard exam successfully. There will be no income ceiling for assistance for setting up projects under PMEGP.

Self Help Groups (including those belonging to BPL provided that they have not availed benefits under any other Scheme) are also eligible for assistance under PMEGP.

Institutions registered under Societies Registration Act,1860, production Co-operative Societies, and Charitable Trusts are also eligible.

Existing Units (under PMRY, REGP or any other scheme of Government of India or State Government) and the units that have already availed Government Subsidy under any other scheme of Government of India or State Government are not eligible.


How much money the unemployed may get?

For setting up of project costing above Rs.10 lakh in the manufacturing sector, and above Rs.5 lakh in the business /service sector,

The details of Beneficiaries contribution and rate of subsidy are as under :


Categories of beneficiaries under PMEGP

Beneficiarycontribution project cost

Rate of Subsidy (of project cost)

Area (location of project/unit)




General Category




Special (including SC/ST/OBC/Minorities/ Women, Ex-servicemen, Physically, NER, handicapped, Hill and Border areas etc.






The maximum cost of the project/unit admissible under manufacturing sectors is Rs. 25 lakh. The maximum cost of the project/unit admissible under business / service sector isRs.10 lakh.


Whom should I approach to avail this scheme and to know more?

Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC) will be the single National level nodalimplementation agency for PMEGP .
At the State level, the Scheme will be implemented through State KVIC Directorates, State Khadiand Village Industries Boards (KVIBs) and District Industries Centers (DICs) and banks.

Many banks are also acting as facilitators to disburse the loan under the PMEGP scheme. You may contact nearest bank for further details.


How to apply for the loan under PMEGP?

You will be required to submit your application with project details.

We will provide you ready details for your business of renewable energy / bio fuel.


What is the business?

We have many options.

a)      Start your own outlet / shop for selling stoves and raw material in your village / city.

b)      Start manufacturing of biomas briquettes.

c)      Start manufacturing of stoves under our brand.

d)      Start selling raw material directly to us or our network . Raw material can be agricultural waste from farm, charcoal dust from large boilers in industries.

e)      Start door to door delivery of pellets by taking telephonic orders.

f)        Start online store for selling stoves and pellets through website.

g)      Start marketing of our products like briquettes, pellets and stoves from home on commission basis.



What is the risk involved?

There is no risk as whatever raw material you will collect; we will buy all of it.

For selling stoves, you receive cash from the buyers, and same applies to the sale of palettes for the stoves. So you are not doing business on credit, therefore no risk.

If you manufacture biomass briquettes, we will tell you where to sell. If you have excess, we will help you sell that too.

If you market our products, you have to keep some security deposit with us and sell the products against cash. Even when your deposit money is with us, the same value products are with you keeping you safe.

As there is no middleman involved in between you and us, you get to earn a good profit, which would otherwise have gone to the middleman, if he was involved.

So, the business has no risks involved as long as you are associated with us. You also earn good profit with less botheration.


How much profit will I make?

This is the most important question, as you are doing this work to earn good money.

Contact us informing your business interest and we will suggest you accordingly what profit you will make. 


What is required to start this business?

You can work from your home, no need to have any office.

You will require a Computer and Internet connection, Mobile phone

Bank account with internet banking facility

List of reliable goods transporters

Bill book, Order book, Receipt book. These can be made by computer also.

Account register

Rubber stamps of your company.

About Rs 1,00,000 cash (from loan) to use in business.


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