Products Briquettes & Pellets : White coal Briquettes / Pellets made out of Biomass waste, Dust Of Imported Coal, Coke, Metal Powders, Industrial Waste, manufactured with / without binders (organic) for suitable fuel as required.. These briquettes/Pellets are Eco-friendly, No Pollution, Help in Total Waste Control, Cost effective and thereby help in our savings.

Uses of briquettes/pellets:

* Steel Industry * Stainless Steel Industry * Metal Melting Heavy Industries * Small Scale Melting Industries
* Foundries/Copplas * Soda Ash Industries. * Calcium Carbonate Producers. * Ceramic Tiles Manufactures. * Chemical Industries. * Pharmaceutical plants * Power Generation Plants * Hotel Industries * Brick Making Industry * Gasifires * Boilers * Barbaque * Tandoor * Segdi.- Stoves * Domestic Uses * Poultry Farms * Farm Houses * Funeral Pyre etc. * Recycling, recovery and conversion of iron units from by-products generated within the iron and steel industries.

  CPC Briquettes/CARBON Sulphur Free Briquettes :  

we have introduced these Briquettes for the Steel Industry & Foundries which will increase the carbon Contents. It will reduce the cost of the carbon adding process.

We can supply the CPC/Carbon Sulphur Free briquettes suitable to your melting/casting carbon ading process.

  The briquettes can be produced :  
  • We will supply you CPC/Carbon Sulphur Free Briquettes.
  • We can also manufacture the CPC/Carbon Sulphur Free Briquettes, from the powder which you provide. These briquettes can be produced as per your product requirement and specifications.
Instant Charcoal

Instant Charcoal Discs are self-lighting and long-burning mini charcoal tablets. They can be used to burn resins, incense powered herbal blends, dried herbs, Religious Ceremonies, dhoop pooja, havan, aroma therapy, hookah, Instant Charcoal is a top quality brand; they burn evenly and stay lit. In order to maintain freshness, opened packet should be resealed and stored in a cool dry place. Effective storage will ensure quick lighting and long burning time.