March , 2006. March 13-17,2006 the reports were presented at the Interregional informational seminar “ Metal extraction. Recycling of metallurgic production wastes”:

  1. Experience of using by-product of agglomeration-blast-furnace production at “Tulachetmet” JSC.
  2. New technology of agglomerating fine fraction ore materials and industrial wastes. The experience of using iron-carbon-flux-alloy-containing briquettes in different metallurgic units. New technology of producing complex metallurgic raw materials on bases of iron-and carbon-containing wastes..

October, 2005. Several pilot and balance batches are carried out in arc-heating furnaces at “ Volgograd Steel Works “Red Iron-carbon-containing briquettes on basis of the plant's wastes are used there as charge materials. Up to 25% of traditional charge materials are replaced by the briquettes..

September, 2005. As the substitute for iron-containing raw materials, metallurgic coke and material for scouring furnace crucible in blast furnaces of “Novokuznetsk Iron and Steel Plant “ JSC (Everaz Holding), 3000 tons of metallurgic briquettes were made.

June, 2005. The batch of balance melting's using iron-carbon-containing briquettes at the “Novokuznetsk Iron and Steel Plant” JSC was carried out.

May, 2005. To wash the forge of the blast furnace crucible at the Novokuznetsk “iron and steel plant” JSC the oxide-iron-containing briquette with the high technological effect was used.

May, 2005. The experimental-industrial batches of metallurgic briquettes of different compositions is started to carry out balance melting's in blast furnaces of the plants of “Evraz Holding Mining and Metallurgy Group” Aim: effective substitution economically and technically profitable briquette for traditional metallurgic coke and iron-ore raw materials..

April, 2005. The compositions and the technology of briquette production on the base of wastes of quartz production as the substitute of traditional feldspar (fluorite) were developed..

April, 2005. The experimental-industrial batch of iron-carbon-containing briquettes on the base of wastes of “Novokuznetsk Iron and Steel Plant” JSC was produced for further usages in arc-furnaces..

March, 2005. The compositions and the technology of briquette production on the base of chrome ore screenings and carbon-containing deoxidizer were developed. All the technical-economical indices of the briquette are higher than the similar of the briquettes made at presses with high specific pressure..

February, 2005. The compositions and the technology of briquette production on the base of ferromanganese screening were developed for “Kosogorski metallurgic plant” JSC.

February, 2005. The balance melting's at 150-tons electro arc furnaces substituting iron-carbon-containing briquettes for traditional charge materials were carried out at “Volgograd Steel works “ Red October”.

January, 2005. The composition and the technology of production self-recovering briquettes on the base of screening of manganese-containing ores and different carbon-containing deoxidizers to be used at the plants of “ Everaz Holding Mining.