We are a enterprising Unit based at Tembhurni, Maharashtra Our ultimate endevour is to reach out to Organisations whose Industrial Waste can be recycled into Energy and it could be “YOU” with whose cooperation we can attain our target.

We make 350 types of Coal, Coke, Biomass, Briquettes / Pelltes. We can Briquette, Iron ore, DRI or anything ie. Briquettable.

Biomass / Coal/Coke/Metal Briquette is a best way to generate revenue from agro-forestry waste/waste powder to produce Energy to protect the global environment. The awareness of using Eco-friendly & Non-conventional Bio-coal / Bio-fuel is increasing day-to-day due to the increasing of the conventional fuel cost. Our plant can make stick shape, Pillow shape , round, pellets of various dimensions. Any type of Agro-Forestry waste can be used, such as -
Groundnut-shell • Sugarcane residue • Saw dust • Bamboo Dust • Wood Chips • Coffee Husk • Palm Husk • Soybeans Husk • Paddy Straw • Wheat Straw • Sunflower Stalk • Cotton Stalks • Mustard Stalk • Tobacco waste • Animal / Poultry waste • Jute waste • Almond Shells • Cashew Shells. Moisture Contents Should be Less than 3% to 5% grain size is below 5×5mm. to make Biomass Briquettes.

As we are Indians and have seen its Economic Growth & Industrial development over the years, we have felt that the basic necessity Energy is being wasted, due to lack of facilities or concerned knowledge in this Field. We therefore ventured in this field of Renewable Energy, so that we can contribute in our small way by Converting Most of the Industrial & Agricultural waste Energy into fuel, thereby saving our Reserves, Forests and the Environment From Global Warming.

We are of the opinion that every individual & industrialist, would definitely be interested in saving our natural resources and Utilize Waste Energy, which could not only substitute the present, but also will Reduce cost. Our main aim is that together we can go a long way to reduce cost, Global warming, Pollution & make our Environment Clean & Healthy.