Waste recycling instead of waste disposal

we can save our natural resources of coal, coke, biomass & metal by recycling the waste powder produced during processes into valuable fuel by briquetting, which can replace natural resources. The advantages of using briquettes are control pollution, cost, inventory, helping in better productivity, less wastage, easy storage and clean environment. Making briquettes. Reclaim valuable secondary and high energy raw materials from your production waste.
Dusty remainders from industrial production are not accepted by land fills or combustion plants as they may be 'blown away by the wind' or may lead to deflagration in the furnace. However, Briquetting is often the condition for the recycling of the different products. Biomass as a fuel has been in use for centuries all over the world. But, over the last two decades with rising concerns of global warming and rising costs of conventional fuels, the role of biomass as an energy source has been steadily on the rise.